Census 2020

It’s our voice.
Make it count.

Census 2020

It’s our voice.
Make it count.

Complete Your Census Today!

You can now complete your 2020 census! If you have received your mailing including your census ID number, you can now complete your census online. It only takes a few minutes and is safe and secure!

NYSUT Counts 2020

NYSUT Counts is our union's initiative to ensure that every resident of the state is reported in the 2020 Census. The results affect the allocation of $700 billion in federal funding to schools, hospitals, municipalities and needy families.

For equity, fairness and justice, everyone must be counted!

Our count matters.
Here's what's at stake:


New York State could lose federal dollars.

Census data determines how the federal government distributes more than $700 billion for schools, hospitals and roads.


New York State could lose congressional seats.

Giving us less say in federal policy making.


New York State could lose Electoral College delegates.

Diminishing our voice in presidential elections.


The census is safe for ALL state residents.

Sharing census data with other federal agencies is illegal.

Get Involved

Pledge to Complete The Census

It's essential that we count everyone. Get involved and make a pledge to complete your census and make sure your fellow NYSUT members do so as well.


NYSUT Members Have Pledged

Make the Pledge Now

NYSUT members are leaders in the fight to get all New Yorkers counted.

Work for the Census

The census needs workers and volunteers to help make sure everyone is counted.

Census Resources for Educators

Teach your students about the importance of the census and how it will affect their lives for the next 10 years or more. 

We Made the Pledge

Census PLedge Thea

I made the pledge ...

To fund essential services, like health care.

Thea MacFawn - NYSUT Member

I made the pledge ...

So all children receive quality education.

Chaitram Aklu - NYSUT Member

I made the pledge ...

To fight economic and political inequality.

Alhassan Susso - NYSUT Member
NYSUT members take the census pledge

I made the pledge ...

To ensure equal access to education.

Patti Gocella - NYSUT Member